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Net weight



  •  Xiao Long Bao Shrimp Paste is made on a modern Japanese line using a unique 3-layer technology that includes: The tough outer shell protects the shrimp meat and bronze featherback fish inside. On the inside, it’s nourishing. Finally, the salty salted egg filling brings harmony and flavor to the cake.
  • The convenient bamboo tray imported directly from Hanoi’s bamboo knitting village is the product’s highlight. Before packaging, the exclusive bamboo tray is shaped specifically for the product, eliminating microorganisms and mold with advanced technology. Ensures absolute food safety and hygiene, can be steamed directly in the tray without defrosting, and retains the dish’s characteristic delicious flavor.
  • Main ingredients: Shrimp (34.8%), dumpling meal (21%), water (17%), bronze featherback fish (6%), pork fat (6%), tapioca root, salted duck egg yolk (3.5%), onion, green onion, sugar, cooking oil, salt, and other ingredients
  • Instructions: Open the package, keep the product evenly spaced on the tray, and avoid letting the product touch the tray’s rim.
    Steaming: Steam unthawed products for about 8 minutes.
    Steam for 5 minutes to fully defrost products
    Serve with sweet and sour dipping sauce while still hot.
    It can be eaten with soup or cooked in broth.
  • Storage Instructions: Store at (-20) degrees Celsius. Avoid re-freezing the product after it has been defrosted.
  • Expiration date: 12 months from the date of manufacture.
  • Bronze Featherback can be found in clean ponds and rivers throughout the Central and Southern regions. Furthermore, Bronze Featherback is frequently used in family meal.100g of Bronze Featherback contains the following calories:

    – 84 kilocalories

    – 17.5g protein

    – 0.1 g carbohydrates

    – 1.6 g Fat.

    – Minerals and vitamins…

    “Eggs and meat from Bronze Featherback contain quite high amounts of omega fatty acids,” according to VUSTA – Vietnam Union of Science and Technology Associations. Arachidonic acid and eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) made up 16.50 percent and 10.06 percent of total phospholipids, respectively. As a result, it can be considered a freshwater fish that is beneficial to health, particularly heart health.